Wednesday 24th November 2021

Best scores in the first week of the 21-goal Sweeper are Christopher Duguid and Lorna Clark.

Please see scores below:



Sweeper runs for 40 weeks a season which starts when the English Premier League starts


Cost = £1 a week although payments are done every 5 weeks so = £5 payment or £40 for the season.


I will do a random draw when the sweeper has just been won.


The scoring is what your team scores from Friday to Monday each week (1 game only). I add up every team each week and the winner is the first team to get 21 exactly.  If a team goes over 21 then they go back to 11.


Prize money:

50% to the supporters club

45% First prize

5%  Last Place prize


Example: we have taken in £800 overall then the supporters club earns £400, Winner earns £360, Last Place earns £40 

If you win the sweeper or last place prize but are due the club £10 or more then you will not win any prize money.

2021/2022 SEASON

Sweeper No 1 (won on 14th November 2021)

Carol Fraser = £450

Alan MacKenzie = £50 (wooden spoon)

from Previous Season (won on 29th August 2021)

Scott McKenzie, Calum Spence & Kerry Riley = £140 each

Robert Munro, Cameron Milne & Michael Coupar = £10 (wooden spoon)

2019/2020 SEASON

Sweeper No 2 (won on 4th January 2020)

Lisa Aitken & Chris Duguid = £160

Julie Spence = £35 (wooden spoon)

Sweeper No 1 (won on 2nd November 2019)

Tom Langskog & Neil Gordon = £161.77

Neil Milne & Stuart Chapman = £18 (wooden spoon)

Sweeper from Previous Season (won on 31st August 2019)

Carol Duncan = £353

Colin Massie = £39 (wooden spoon)