Thursday 19th May 2022


Best score of the week was Karen Pattinson.

Leading the Sweeper are Gordon Forsyth and Lynsey Morrice.

In the Wooden spoon race Lynn Sangster has yet to get off the mark.

That's the 21-Goal sweeper over till the new season which the scores will continue (date TBC). Thank you to everyone that has taken part this season and help us put on 6 free buses for the supporters club.

Please click on the link for scores:



Sweeper runs for 40 weeks a season which starts when the English Premier League starts


Cost = £1 a week although payments are done every 5 weeks so = £5 payment or £40 for the season.


I will do a random draw when the sweeper has just been won.


The scoring is what your team scores from Friday to Monday each week (1 game only). Extra time and Pens doesn't count. I add up every team each week and the winner is the first team to get 21 exactly.  If a team goes over 21 then they go back to 11.


Prize money:

50% to the supporters club

45% First prize

5%  Last Place prize


Example: we have taken in £800 overall then the supporters club earns £400, Winner earns £360, Last Place earns £40 

If you win the sweeper or last place prize but are due the club £10 or more then you will not win any prize money.

2021/2022 SEASON

Sweeper No 3 (won on 10th April 2022)

Derek Ledingham & Alan Fraser = £225 each

Anna Buchan, Alan MacKenzie, Gordon Allan, Lisa Aitken and Edward Dow = £12 each (wooden spoon)

Sweeper No 2 (won on 29th January 2022)

Carol Duncan = £450

Mike Sim = £50 (wooden spoon)

Sweeper No 1 (won on 14th November 2021)

Carol Fraser = £450

Alan MacKenzie = £50 (wooden spoon)

from Previous Season (won on 29th August 2021)

Scott McKenzie, Calum Spence & Kerry Riley = £140 each

Robert Munro, Cameron Milne & Michael Coupar = £10 (wooden spoon)

2019/2020 SEASON

Sweeper No 2 (won on 4th January 2020)

Lisa Aitken & Chris Duguid = £160

Julie Spence = £35 (wooden spoon)

Sweeper No 1 (won on 2nd November 2019)

Tom Langskog & Neil Gordon = £161.77

Neil Milne & Stuart Chapman = £18 (wooden spoon)

Sweeper from Previous Season (won on 31st August 2019)

Carol Duncan = £353

Colin Massie = £39 (wooden spoon)