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Chairwoman & Ticket/Bus Organiser: Julie Spence


Secretary: Ashleigh McDonald 

Treasurer: Morag McKenzie

21 Goal Sweeper: Craig McDonald

Committee Member: Bryan Daun

(Revised 2021)
  1. Name – The Club shall be known as the “Granite City Supporters Club”

  2. Membership – Membership of the Club shall be open to all supporters of Aberdeen Football Club.

  3. Objectives – The Club shall be non-political and non-sectarian and its objective shall be to arrange and hold social functions to improve the Club.

  4. Subscriptions – Subscriptions will be amounts decided from time to time by the Committee and recommended to the membership of the Club who will by free vote accept or reject such recommendations.

  5. Management

    1. An Executive Committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall manage the business of the Club, one of whom will be Minute Secretary.  Additional members can be added to the committee to help with the running of the club/buses. 

    2. The office bearers and committee shall resign at the end of the season and will then be eligible for re-election.  Nominations for the new committee will be sought towards the end of the season.  If necessary, a ballot paper will be prepared and the ballot will take place at the AGM.  A candidate shall be a Club member for at least one year before becoming eligible for election.

    3. The Committee shall have full powers necessary for the conduct of Club affairs, including the following special powers, namely:

      1. To expel from office a Committee member who persistently fails to carry out Committee duties.

      2. To expel from the Club any member found with alcohol on the buses.

      3. To expel from the Club any member found rioting or causing a disturbance.

    4. The Committee shall hold a Committee meeting at least once a year.  Outwith, regular correspondence will ensue to keep everyone involved.

  6. Alterations to rules – Any proposed alterations or additions to rules and constitution must be submitted in writing to the Secretary 21 days before the AGM takes place.  If passed by a 2/3’s majority of members present, alterations or additions to rules will take immediate effect after the AGM.  The AGM will take place before the 1st General Meeting of the season.

  7. Club outings – There will need to be at least 6 members traveling to an away match before a mode of transport will be hired (6-16 minibus or 17+ a full-sized bus).  For a second bus to run, at least 70 members are required.  Members who without good reason fail to turn up for buses on which they are booked will not be considered for future buses until they pay to the Club the appropriate amount due for the unoccupied seat. 

    A bus (minibus or full-sized bus) will not run unless a committee member is present.Alcohol is not permitted on board a bus.

    The bus will normally stop for not more than ¾ of an hour on the homeward journey, but this may be amended by the bus convenor at the game in question.


  8. Complaints – All members’ complaints must be submitted to the Secretary signed by the person making the complaint. 
    The Secretary shall submit the complaint to the Committee who shall have power to deal with the complaint, as they think fit.


  9. Purchases by the club of match tickets – Members requesting tickets through the Club to attend games will be required to pay the cost of the tickets at the time they are ordered.

  10. Liability – The Club or its Committee will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused to any member or non-member.

  11. Casting vote – If the committee comprises of an even number of people, then the casting vote will go to the chairperson.

  12. Honorary Membership - If any committee member completes 10 years, once they step down honorary membership will be awarded.

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